Show this number of Recent Documents - Displays a list of recently used workbooks under Recent Documents when you click the Microsoft Office Button , so that you can open those workbooks quickly. Enter the number of workbooks that you want to display in the Show this number of Recent Documents box. Enter or select a positive number between 0 and 50.
Quickly access this number of Recent Workbooks - (Added in 2013)
Show this number of unpinned Recent Folders - (Added in 2013)
Ruler units - Lets you select the units that you want to display on the Page Layout view ruler.
Show all windows in the Taskbar - (Removed in 2013). Displays all the workbooks and windows in your Excel instances as separate items on the task bar. You will probably find this annoying to start with but it is a good way to try and reduce the number of workbooks open at any one time.
Show formula bar - Displays the formula bar. The formula bar appears at the top of the worksheet.
Show function screentips - Displays brief descriptions of the functions that you select in the list of functions that is displayed when Formula AutoComplete is turned on.
Disable hardware graphics acceleration - (Added in 2010). Reduces the resolution for the presentation display and increases the performance speed. A graphics accelerator is a type of video adaptor that contains its own processor and can often achieve better performance than the general purpose CPU.
For cells with comments, show - Select one of the following options to determine how comments are displayed on the worksheet.
No comments or indicators - Hides comments and comment indicators in cells that have comments attached.
Indicators only, and comments on hover - Displays a small triangle in the upper-right corner of a cell when there is a comment attached to the cell. Comments are displayed only when you rest a pointer over a cell that has a comment.
Comments and indicators - Displays the comment and comment indicator, a small triangle in the upper-right corner of a cell, when there is a comment attached to the cell.
Default direction - (Added in 2010). Right to Left or Left-To-Right

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