Display options for this Worksheet

Display options for this worksheet - Select the worksheet in this list box that is affected by the following options.
Show row and column headers - Displays row numbers on the left side of the worksheet and column letters at the top of the worksheet.
Show formulas in cells instead of their calculated results - Displays the formulas in cells instead of the values that the formulas produce.
Show sheet right-to-left - Displays the worksheet tab on the RHS of the application window instead of on the LHS. In 2007 this option only appears if you have one or more right-to-left language packs installed.
Show page breaks - Displays page breaks that have been set automatically by Excel.
Show a zero in cells that have zero value - Displays a 0 (zero) in cells that contain zero values.
Show outline symbols if an outline is applied - Displays outline symbols. Outline symbols are not displayed unless the worksheet contains an outline.
Show gridlines - Displays cell gridlines. To print gridlines, make sure that the Print check box is selected under Gridlines in the Sheet Options group on the Page Layout tab.
Gridline color - Sets the color for gridlines. If you click Automatic, the gridline color is based on the text color defined in Windows Control Panel.

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