Options - Worksheet

All these options are worksheet specific and changes will only be applied to the active worksheet.

Excel Options > Advanced tab
Page breaks - Displays any page breaks using dotted lines, including those that have been created automatically.
Formulas - Displays the actual formulas inside the cells instead of the values that the formulas produce. Any alignment formatting is ignored as cell formulas are always aligned on the left. This can be useful when checking formulas are valid although beware that it will double the width of your columns. You can alternatively use the shortcut key (Ctrl + " ` ").
Gridlines - Displays the cell gridlines. You can change the colour of the gridlines by altering the colour in the drop-down box at the bottom. If you want gridlines printed but not displayed choose (File > Page Setup)(Sheet tab, Gridlines).
Row and column headers - Displays the row and column headers. If you want row and column headers printed but not displayed choose (File > Page Setup)(Sheet tab, Row and Column headers).
Outline symbols - Displays outline symbols. Microsoft Excel does not display outline symbols unless the worksheet contains a previously created outline.
Zero values - Displays a number zero in any cells that contain a zero value. This can make a significant difference to the results returned from functions. Choosing not to display zeros may be useful for presentation purposes though.

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