XY Scatter

H1 - XY Scatter Series Options

H2 - Series Options

SS - Series Options
Plot series on primary axis -
Plot series on secondary axis -

H2 - Fill & Line

SS - Line
No line -
Solid line -
Gradient line -
Automatic -

SS - Marker Options
Automatic -
None -
Built-in -
Type -
Size -

SS - Marker Fill
No fill -
Solid fill -
Gradient fill -
Picture or texture fill -
Pattern fill -
Automatic -

SS - Marker Border
No line -
Solid line -
Gradient line -
Automatic -

H2 - Effects

SS - Effects
Refer to the Page - Chart Formatting > Effects

XY Scatter Chart

Shows two values and tries to show relationships, usually independent of time.
This shows the correlation between two or more data series.
This type of chart is useful when the x-values are numeric.
This is used when you need to plot ordered pairs of data to observe the dependence of one value to another.
This can be displayed with or without lines or markers
Cannot be displayed in 3D
Should be used when you have pairs or grouped sets of values
This type of chart has a value x-axis and a value y-axis
The ordered pairs create single data points which can be displayed at uneven intervals

Invalid -4111

implicit assumption that the first column is the x-axis and the second column is the y-axis

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