2016 JanuaryFunnel Chart Type - New chart type that can be used to represent different stages in a process showing progressively decreasing proportions.
2016Box Whisker - New chart type
 Histogram - New chart type
 Pareto - New chart type
 SunBurst - New chart type
 Treemap - New chart type
 Waterfall - New chart type
 Mini Toolbar - This has been changed when you have a chart selected and now includes - Fill, Outline, Chart Elements
 VBA - FullSeriesCollection Property
This allows you to iterate over the full set of series objects including those that are not visible or have been filtered out. The SeriesCollection only contains the visible series objects of a chart
2013Chart Tools Layout Tab was removed.
2010Double click reinstated to display the Format dialog box.
 Pattern Fills reinstated
 Draft Mode - Chart Tools Design Tab - new Draft Mode button. This allows charts to be drawn with very basic formatting, to speed up screen refreshing. Added in the beta version but removed prior to the final release.
 Sparklines added
 Macro recording reinstated to record anything relating to charts and pictures
The ChartView object applies only to chart sheets. The ChartView object is one of the objects that can be returned by the SheetViews collection, similar to the Sheets collection.
objChartView = ActiveWindow.SheetViews.Item(1).Sheet
2007Chart Windows was removed
 Chart Wizard removed
 Chart Types - The 18 cylinder, cone and pyramid chart types have been moved to column and bar respectively
 Data Labels cannot show legend keys
 VBA - ChartGroups have been depreciated
 Microsoft Graph removed
2003Chart Toolbar
 Chart Menu
 Chart Wizard
 Chart Options
 Chart Types - Changing
 Chart Types - Custom

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