SORT(array [,sort_index] [,sort_order] [,by_col])

Returns the array of data in a range that has been sorted.

arrayThe range, or array to sort.
sort_index(Optional) The number indicating the row or column to sort by.
sort_order(Optional) The number indicating the desired sort order:
1 = for ascending order (default)
-1 = for descending order
by_col(Optional) A logical value indicating the desired sort direction:
False = to sort by row (default)
True = to sort by column


* Only available in Microsoft 365 and was released in July 2020.
* This function can return a Dynamic Array Formula.
* You can use the FILTER function to filter and sort your data.
* You can use the SORTBY function to return an array of data that has been sorted.
* For the Microsoft documentation refer to


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