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The STOCKHISTORY function returns the historical data about a financial instrument.

Linked Data Type - Stock

Stock Quotes - LSEG

This lets you display stock prices and other company information
This includes:
1) Company Data
2) Historical Data
3) Real-Time Index Quotes
4) Delayed Quotes
5) Dividend Data

A large number of exchanges are supported (inc link)

Using a Ticker Symbol

Using a Company Name

Using a Fund Name

Excel will try to find a match
If a match has been found the text/cell will be converted to a stocks data type
If a match has not been found a question mark will be displayed. Clicking on this will display the Selector task pane

Add Column Smart Tag

Click on the Add Column button to insert additional columns (or press Ctrl + Shift + F5)

Convert to Table

When the records are in a table, you can use column names in the formulas.

Data Selector Task Pane

Used in conjunction with Stock linked data types and the FIELDVALUE function.

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