Web Queries

It is possible to import text from a website straight into a worksheet by creating a web query.
Web queries allow you to copy data directly from a web page
For example you might want to download the latest stock price information.
(Data > Get External Data > New Web Query)
The New Web Query dialog box is displayed and lets you specify the URL of your website and then divides this web page into tables.
Little yellow arrows are displayed next to each section and these arrows can be used to identify which portion of the web page you want to import.
Once you make a selection the arrow changes to a green check.
Web queries only import the text portion of a web page, it will not import any graphics or pictures.

(Data > Get External Data > Run Web Query). Browse to your web query file (.iqy). For all the elements in square brackets, parameters are created. You can reference these parameters to worksheet cells. To update your web query change the parameter cells and hit refresh on the External Data toolbar.

You can open a web page directly in Excel. First open your connection to the Internet. (File > Open) type or paste the URL and click open.

Excel does not save blank pages when a workbook is saved as a web page. This is to condense disk space. So if a workbook contains hyperlinks a hyperlink to a blank worksheet in the same workbook when saved as a "Web Page" the hyperlink will be redundant.

By default the active cell is selected as the location where the data will be imported
Any existing data will be automatically moved to the right ?

It is possible to import the text formatting as well - click the Options button
None - imports the text only and applies the normal format style
Rich Text - imports the text with the formatting on the web page
Full HTML - imports the text with all the HTML styles (and links).

Query Files

Query files are text files with an (.iqy) file extension. Once a query has been selected, you are prompted for how you want the incoming data dealt with by Excel. You may be prompted for other information depending on how the query is constructed.

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