DOUBLE CLICK has been returned
 Charts will still be displayed on the worksheet (?) but you will not be able to view charts layered underneath the dialog sheets. Using Select Objects users will be able to access the new shapes. In order to select the old shapes from earlier versions, you must use the Select Multiple Objects in the Customise window.
 For fifteen years users have double clicked on objects to access the Format Object dialog. Excel 2007 breaks this behavior.
 Double clicking an object activates the Ribbon tab that Excel thinks you might want to use, but the dialog does not appear.
 You must right click on the object and choose the Format Object item from the pop up menu, or select (Ctrl + 1) with the object selected
 Many of the dialogs relating to shapes and charts are now modeless, so that the user can interact with objects in the Excel workspace while the dialog is showing.
 This allows other objects can be selected and formatted without dismissing the dialog.
 This new Microsoft Office shared drawing layer means that some of the previous charting features are no longer available in Excel 2007.

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