This format multiplies the value in the cell by 100 and displays the result with a percent sign after it.

alt text

Decimal places - The number of decimal places is from 0 to 30.

This displays fractional numbers as percentages.
For example 0.5 is translated into 50%
You can choose the number of decimal places
If you forget to start your number with a decimal point, Excel will correct this for you automatically.
If you enter the number 3 and then format the cell as a percentage it is displayed as 300%.
If you format the cell as a percentage first and then enter the number 3, this is displayed as 3%

This means that you can't enter any decimals to represent percentages larger than 100%
If the cell is formatted as a percentage to enter 200% you must type 200 and not 2.

This displays numbers as percentages.
Any decimal place is moved two places to the right and a percent sign is appended to the end of the number.

Formatting Toolbar Button

This number format can be quickly applied by pressing the following button on the Formatting toolbar.

alt textPercent Style - Displays the number as a percentage by applying the format "0%".

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