This is exactly the same as the general format except that you can also select a currency symbol to precede (or succeed) the value.
This is the format used to display general monetary values.

Decimal places - The number of decimal places is from 0 to 30.
Symbol - There are over 350 possible currency symbols to choose.
Negative Numbers -
The thousand separator is always displayed.

How it is different to the Number format

This number format is like the Number format but with two differences:
You can choose a currency symbol (which will be displayed before the actual number).
This format always includes a comma seperator.

Formatting Toolbar Button

This number format can be quickly applied by pressing the following button on the Formatting toolbar.

Currency Style - Applies the currency format "£#,##0.00".

All Numbers in Black

Default currency button on the toolbar ??

Negative Numbers in Red

Negative Numbers in Parentheses

Negative Numbers in Red with Parentheses

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