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R1C1 Notation
R1C1 Relative Position
Radar Charts
Radial Diagram
RADIANS - Built-in Function
RAND - Built-in Function
RANDARRAY - Built-in Function
RANDBETWEEN - Built-in Function
Random Number Distributions
Random Number Generation
Random Numbers
Random Numbers Between 2 Numbers
Random Numbers in a Range
Random Sampling
Random Selection
Random Variables*
RANDOMNUMBER - User Defined Function
RANDOMPASSWORD - Custom Function
Range Consolidation - Pivot Tables
Range Expansion Automatic
Range Finder
Range Formulas
Range Intersection
Range Labels
Range Lookup
Range Names
Range of Dates
Range Reference
Range.Find - VBA
Range.Insert - VBA
Range.Value2 - VBA
RANK - Built-in Function
Rank and Percentile
Rank Order
RANK.AVG - Built-in Function
RANK.EQ - Built-in Function
RANK.EQ - Illustrated Example
Ranking - Ascending Order
RATE - Built-in Function
Rate of Return
RC4 Based Encryption
RDO (Remote Data Objects)
Read CSV File
Read Only Files
Read Only Recommendation
Real Time Data
Rearranging Worksheets
RECEIVED - Built-in Function
Recently Used Files
Recently Used List
Recommended Chart Types
Recommended Charts
Recommended Pivot Tables
Reconcile Lists
Record Actions - Office Scripts*
Record Changes
Recording Actions - Office Scripts
Recording Macro
Recording Macro - Office Scripts
Records - Data Form
Records - Database
RecordSet (Database)
Recover Files
Recover Unsaved Documents
Recover Workbooks
Recursive Formula
Red Triangle
Redirecting Links
REDUCE - Built-in Function
Reduced Functionality Mode
Reducing File Size
Reference Tables
References - Other Workbooks
References - VBA
Referencing Cells
Referencing Cells - Absolute
Referencing Cells - Relative
Referencing Cells - Spill Range
Referencing Cells Indirectly
Referencing Cells on Another Worksheet
Referencing Files
Referencing Workbooks
Referencing Workbooks - Functions
Referential Integrity
Refinitiv Add-in
Reformat Cells
Reformat Numbers
Refresh Data - Charts
Refresh Data - Pivot Table
Refresh Data - Web Query
Refresh Status Command
Refresh Toolbar
Regional and Language Options
REGISTER Function - Excel4
REGISTER.ID Function - Excel4
RegisterXLL - VBA
RegisterXLL Method
Registry Keys
Registry Keys - Add-in Switches
Registry Keys - DisableCopyUnusedCustomStyles
Registry Keys - DisableMergeInstance
Registry Keys - Installing Add-ins
Regressional Analysis
Regular Expressions
Reject Changes
Relationship SmartArt
Relative Cell References
Relative Formulas
Relative or Absolute Formulas
Relative or Absolute Macro Recorder
Relative Referencing - Formulas
Relative Referencing - Macro Recording
Remove All Arrows
Remove All Formatting
Remove Blank Cells
Remove Blanks - From Formulas
Remove Blanks - Horizontal List
Remove Blanks - Vertical List
Remove Circular References
Remove Date from Date and Time
Remove Dependencies
Remove Duplicate Cells
Remove Duplicates from Tables
Remove Empty Character
Remove Hidden Data Add-in
Remove Named Ranges
Remove Numbers
Remove Specific Characters
Remove Time from Date and Time
Remove Weekends
REMOVEDUPLICATES - User Defined Function
REMOVENUMBERS - Custom Function
REMOVENUMBERS - User Defined Function
REMOVESPACES - User Defined Function
Removing #DIV/0!
Removing an Add-in
Removing Blank Cells
Removing Blank Columns
Removing Blank Rows
Removing Blanks - Horizontal List
Removing Blanks - Using Array Formulas
Removing Blanks - Vertical List
Removing Bullets
Removing Cells
Removing Characters
Removing Circular References
Removing Columns
Removing Comments
Removing Digits
Removing Double Spaces
Removing Duplicates
Removing Formatting
Removing Formulas
Removing Hyperlinks
Removing Leading Space
Removing Leading Spaces
Removing Links
Removing N/A
Removing Non Printable Characters
Removing Page Breaks
Removing Personal Information
Removing Rows
Removing Shading
Removing Spaces in Cells
Removing Tab Character
Removing Trailing Spaces
Removing Unwanted Text
Removing Validation
Removing Weekends
Removing Whitespace
Removing Workbooks
Removing Worksheets
Removing Zeros
Rename Sheet
Renaming Workbooks
Renaming Worksheets
Reordering Pictures
Reordering Shapes
Reordering Tabs
Reordering Worksheets
Repeat Header Row
Repeating Columns - Printing
Repeating Header
Repeating Rows - Printing
Repeating Text
Repetitive Calculation
REPLACE - Built-in Function
Replace #N/A in VLOOKUP
Replace Column Headings
Replace Dialog Box
Replacing #N/A
Replacing Characters
Replacing Formulas
Replacing References with Names
Replacing Strings
Replacing Text in Formulas
Reply with Changes
Report Manager
Report Printing
Repositioning Chart Axes
REPT - Built-in Function
Research Task Pane
Reset Default Font
Reset Defaults
Reset Last Used Cell
Reset Picture Tool
Reset Print Area
Reset to Match Style - Charts
Reset Toolbar Command
Reset Variables
Residual Plot
Resources - C#
Resources - JavaScript
Resources - Outlook
Resources - PowerPoint
Resources - Quantitative Finance
Resources - VBA
Resources - Word
Restore Window
Restrict Editing
Restricting Duplicate Entries
Restricting Values
Result As Percentage
Retaining Latest Date
Return Column Number
Return Current Date
Return Current Time
Return Date from Date and Time
Return Date not a Weekend
Return Digits in Reverse
Return Last Column Number
Return Last Row Number
Return Last Word
Return Month and Year
Return Row Number
Return Time from Date and Time
Return Workbook Name
Return Worksheet Name
Returning Arrays
Reuters Add-in
Reveal Hidden Data
REVERSE - Custom Function
REVERSE - User Defined Function
Reverse Chart Axes
Reverse Column Data
Reverse Columns
Reverse Data in Column
Reverse Data in Row
Reverse List
Reverse Numbers
Reverse Rows
Reverse Signs
Reverse Text
Reversing Chart Categories
Reversing Chart Values
Reversing Digits
Reversing Text
Reversing X and Y Axes
Review Tab
Reviewing - Questions
Reviewing Toolbar
Ribbon - Add-ins Tab
Ribbon - Analyze - PivotChart Tools
Ribbon - Analyze - PivotTable Tools
Ribbon - Auto-hide Ribbon
Ribbon - Automate Tab
Ribbon - Chart Tools - Design Tab
Ribbon - Chart Tools - Format Tab
Ribbon - Chart Tools - Layout Tab
Ribbon - Contextual Tabs
Ribbon - Custom UI Editor
Ribbon - Customizer
Ribbon - Data Tab
Ribbon - Design Tab - Chart Tools
Ribbon - Design Tab - Equation Tools
Ribbon - Design Tab - Header & Footer Tools
Ribbon - Design Tab - PivotChart Tools
Ribbon - Design Tab - PivotTable Tools
Ribbon - Design Tab - Slicer Design Tools
Ribbon - Design Tab - SmartArt Tools
Ribbon - Design Tab - Sparkline Tools
Ribbon - Design Tab - Table Tools
Ribbon - Developer Tab
Ribbon - Display Options
Ribbon - Draw Tab
Ribbon - Drawing Tools - Format Tab
Ribbon - Format Tab - Chart Tools
Ribbon - Format Tab - Drawing Tools
Ribbon - Format Tab - Picture Tools
Ribbon - Format Tab - PivotChart Tools
Ribbon - Format Tab - SmartArt Tools
Ribbon - Formulas Tab
Ribbon - Help Tab
Ribbon - Home Tab
Ribbon - Hyperlink
Ribbon - Insert Tab
Ribbon - Interactive Command Reference
Ribbon - Layout Tab - Chart Tools
Ribbon - Layout Tab - PivotChart Tools
Ribbon - Page Layout Tab
Ribbon - Picture Tools - Format Tab
Ribbon - Questions
Ribbon - Review Tab
Ribbon - Show Error Messages
Ribbon - Show Tabs
Ribbon - Show Tabs and Commands
Ribbon - Slicer Design Tab
Ribbon - SmartArt Tools - Design Tab
Ribbon - SmartArt Tools - Format Tab
Ribbon - Sparkline Tools - Design Tab
Ribbon - VBA
Ribbon - View Tab
Ribbon Display Options
RibbonX Editor
Rich Data Types
Rich Data Types - Geography
Rich Data Types - Stock
RIGHT - Built-in Function
Right 4 Characters
Right Alignment
Right Indent
Right Mouse Click
Right to Left Languages
Rights Management
Rolling Calculations
Rolling Columns
ROMAN - Built-in Function
Roman Numbers
Root of Number
Roots - Linear Equation
Roots - Quadratic Equation
Roots (Goal Seek)
Roots (Solver)
Rotate Text
Rotated Text
Rotating Charts - 3D
Rotating Graphics
Rotating Tables
Rotating Text
ROUND - Built-in Function
Round Down
Round Numbers
Round Up
ROUNDDOWN - Built-in Function
Rounded Values
Rounding Error
Rounding Functions
Rounding Numbers
Rounding Precision
ROUNDUP - Built-in Function
ROW - Built-in Function
Row - Outlines
Row and Column Intersection
Row Autofit
Row Count
Row Data to Column Data
Row Height Locking
Row Heights
Row Heights - Restoring
Row Inserting
Row Labels
Row Numbering
Row References
Row To Column
ROWHEIGHT - User Defined Function
ROWS - Built-in Function
Rows - 1048576
Rows - Grouping
Rows - Hiding
Rows - Outline
Rows & Columns
Rows & Columns - Questions
Rows to Repeat at Top
RRI - Built-in Function
RSQ - Built-in Function
RTD - Built-in Function
RTD (Real Time Data)
RTD Server
Rules Manager
Run Mode
Running Macro
Running Macro with AutoShape
Running Total
Runtime Errors
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