There are two ways you can delete a sheet from a workbook:
1) Using the (Edit > Delete Sheet) menu.
2) Using the Worksheet Shortcut menu.
Assuming that a worksheet is not empty you will always be prompted to confirm that you want to delete a worksheet.
Every workbook must contain at least one visible worksheet.

Using (Edit > Delete Sheet) menu

One you delete a sheet you cannot bring it back.

microsoft excel docs

Using the Worksheet Shortcut menu

You can alternatively use the Worksheet shortcut menu.
Selecting a sheet tab with the right mouse button will select the sheet and will display a shortcut menu.

microsoft excel docs

Deleting Multiple Sheets

You can remove more than one sheet by holding down the Shift key to select the range of sheets before selecting (Edit > Delete Sheet).
You can also remove a selection of non continuous sheets by holding down the Ctrl key to select the individual sheet tabs.

microsoft excel docs


You cannot delete a worksheet from a workbook if that workbook is being shared.
You can remove the active worksheet by selecting (Edit > Delete Sheet).
You can quickly insert a new worksheet before the active sheet by using the shortcut key (Shift + F11).

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