Read Only

There may be times when you want to encourage users to open a workbook as read-only

Saving your Workbook

When you save your workbook, select the Tools drop-down and choose General Options
In this dialog box select "Read-only recommended" and press OK

Read-Only Prompt

The next time you open this workbook you will see the following prompt
Using this technique for read-only gives you the option when you open the file, and also allows you to quickly toggle between editing and read-only.

Toggle Read Only

There is a built-in command which allows you to quickly toggle a read-only file to editing and back again.
The "Toggle Read Only" command has not been added to any of the built-in ribbon tabs but can be added from the Excel Options, Customise dialog box.
At the top choose "All commands" and scroll down to Toggle Read Only

Read Only Attribute

You can change the file attribute to read-only using Windows Explorer but this is not as flexible.

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