File Extensions

CHMA compiled HTML help file
CSVCSV (Comma delimited)
DBFStandard database file used by the dBASE database management system
DIFData Interchange Format
DLLA dynamic link library file used to contain code
HTMWeb Page
ODSOpenDocument Spreadsheet
OLBAn object type library
PRMFormatted Text (Space delimited)
SLKSymbolic Link (sylk)
TXTText (Tab delimited), Unicode
XLAAdd-in (macro enabled). Excel 97-2003
XLAMAdd-in (macro enabled, previously xla)
XLBAn Excel toolbar configuration file
XLCAn Excel 4.0 file
XLLLink library, Excel DLL
XLSExcel 97-2003 Workbook
XLSBBinary workbook (useful for very large or complex workbooks and the Personal.xlsb)
XLSMWorkbook (macro enabled, previously .xls)
XLSXWorkbook (macro free, previously .xls). Strict Open XML Spreadsheet
XLTTemplate. Excel 97-2003
XLTMTemplate (macro enabled, previously .xlt)
XLTXTemplate (macro enabled, previously .xlt)
XMLXML Spreadsheet 2003
XPSXPS Document

Strict Open XML Spreadsheet - Lets you read and write ISO8601 dates to resolve a leap year issue for the year 1900

The 2003 xml formats couldn't support/store vba code, charts and other graphic objects, custom views, drawing objects, layers, outlines, scenarios, shared workbooks

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