Returns the column number of a cell reference.

reference(Optional) The cell or range of cells which you want the column number for.

* This function can return multiple values.
* The "reference" can be a cell reference or a named range.
* The "reference" cannot refer to multiple areas ??
* If "reference" is left blank, then the reference of the cell containing the function is used.
* If "reference" is a range of cells, then the cell in the top left corner of the reference is used.
* If "reference" is a range of cells referring to a horizontal array and the function is entered as a horizontal array formula using (Ctrl + Shift + Enter) then an array of column numbers is returned.
* You can use the COLUMNS function to return the number of columns in a cell range or reference.
* You can use the ROW function to return the row number of a cell reference.
* For the Microsoft documentation refer to
* For the Google documentation refer to

1=COLUMN() = 1=COLUMN() = 2510
2=COLUMN(D1) = 4  20
3=COLUMN(D1:D2) = 3   
4{=COLUMN(C1:D1)} = 3{=COLUMN(C1:D1)} = 4  

Row 4 has been entered as an array formula.

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