Returns the number of columns in a cell range or reference.

arrayThe array or array formula containing the number of columns.


* The "array" can be a cell reference, an array constant or a named range.
* If "array" is not a cell range or an array of values, the #VALUE! is returned.
* You can use the COLUMN function to return the column number of a cell reference.
* You can use the ROWS function to return the number of rows in a cell range or reference.
* For the Microsoft documentation refer to

1=COLUMNS(B1:B2) = 11020
2=COLUMNS(B1:C2) = 22010
3=COLUMNS({1,2,3;4,5,6}) = 3  
4=COLUMNS({1,2,3,"some text"}) = 4  
5=COLUMNS("some text") = 1  

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