Returns the text string with all extra spaces removed from the beginning, middle and end.

textThe text string you want cleaned.


* Extra spaces can prevent your formulas from working correctly.
* The only spaces left will be a single space between words.
* If words have more than one space between them, they are replaced with a single space.
* This function will only remove the ASCII space character (32) and not any other characters.
* You can use the CLEAN function to return a text string with all the non-printable characters removed.
* For the Microsoft documentation refer to

1=TRIM(" Better     Solutions ") = "Better Solutions"
2=TRIM(" double space ") = double space
3=TRIM(" triple space ") = triple space
4=TRIM(" right") = right
5=TRIM(" left") = left
6=TRIM(" left right ") = left right
7=TRIM(" Microsoft Office Development ") = Microsoft Office Development

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