Returns the text string with all the non-printable characters removed.

textThe text string you want cleaned.

* This function removes any non printable characters include tabs and program specific codes.
* This function is useful when you want to remove characters that will not be printed. For example this function can be used to remove line breaks.
* The "text" can consist of other worksheet functions (Rows 1 and 2)
* This can be a useful function to use when you import data from another program.
* This function will not remove non-breaking spaces, CHR(160).
* This function only removes the ASCII characters 1-31.
* You can use the TRIM function to return the text string with all the extra spaces removed from the beginning, middle and end.
* For the Microsoft documentation refer to
* For the Google documentation refer to

1=CLEAN(CHAR(7) & "text" & CHAR(7)) = text
2=CLEAN(" some text" & CHAR(7) & "some more ") = some textsome more
3=CLEAN(20) = 20
4=CLEAN(-1) = -1
6=CLEAN(LEFT("hello ", 7)) = hello
7=CLEAN(CHAR(4000)) = #VALUE!

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