Styles apply to a single workbook and cannot be easily transferred to other workbooks.

Selection.Style = "Normal" 

ActiveWorkbook.Styles.Add(Name:="your style name") 
ActiveWorkBook.Styles("your style name").Font.Name = "Arial"

Public Sub DeleteStyles 
Dim objType As Style
Dim iReturn As Integer

   For Each objStyle In ActiveWorkbook.Styles
      If (objStyle.BuiltIn = False) Then
         iReturn = MsgBox("Do you want to delete this style: " & objStyle.Name & " ?",vbYesNo)
         If (iReturn = vbYes) Then
         End If
      End If
   Next objStyle
End Sub

Merging Styles ??

Copy in worksheets that have a Normal style
New / More / Additional styles are added !!!

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