ISO.CEILING(number [,significance])

Returns the number rounded up to the nearest integer or significant figure (renamed).

numberThe value to be rounded.
significanceThe multiple you want "number" rounded to.

* CEILING.MATH was added in Excel 2013 to replace this function.
* This function is only available for backwards compatibility and should never be used.
* This function does not appear in the Function Wizard or the Cell AutoComplete.
* This function was available in the Excel 2010 beta but was renamed to CEILING.PRECISE before the final 2010 release.
* The number is always rounded up.
* If "significance" is left blank, then 1 is used.
* If "significance < 0, then 0 is returned.
* If "significance = 0, then 0 is returned.
* For the Microsoft documentation refer to

1=ISO.CEILING(4.3) = 5
2=ISO.CEILING(-3, 2) = -2

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