New Functions in 2013

Excel 2013 introduced 50 new worksheet functions.

ACOTReturns the arccotangent of a number
ACOTHReturns the hyperbolic arccotangent of a number
ARABICReturns the number converted from roman to arabic
BASEReturns the number converted into a text representation with the given base
BINOM.DIST.RANGEReturns the probablity of a trial result using a binomial distribution
BITANDReturns the bitwise and of two numbers
BITLSHIFTReturns a number shifted left by a number of bits
BITORReturns the bitwise or of two numbers
BITRSHIFTReturns a number shifted right by a number of bits
BITXORReturns a bitwise exclusive or of two numbers
CEILING.MATHReturns a number rounded up to the nearest integer or to the nearest significant figure
COMBINAReturns the number of combinations with repetitions for a given number of items
COTReturns the hyperbolic cosine of a number
COTHReturns the cotangent of an angle
CSCReturns the cosecant of an angle
CSCHReturns the hyperbolic cosecant of an angle
DAYSReturns the number of days between two dates
DECIMALReturns the decimal number of a text representation of a number in a given base
ENCODEURLReturns a url encoded string
FILTERXMLReturns specific data from the XML content by using Xpath
FLOOR.MATHReturns a number rounded to the nearest integer in a given base into a decimal number
FORMULATEXTReturns the formula from a particular cell
GAMMAReturns the gamma function value
GAUSSReturns 0.5 less than the standard normal cumulative distribution
IFNAReturns the boolean value depending if the value is #N/A
IMCOSHReturns the hyperbolic cosine of a complex number
IMCOTReturns the cotangent of a complex number
IMCSCReturns the cosecant of a complex number
IMCSCHReturns the hyperbolic cosecant of a complex number
IMSECReturns the secant of a complex number
IMSECHReturns the hyperbolic secant of a complex number
IMSINHReturns the hyperbolic sine of a complex number
IMTANReturns the tangent of a complex number
ISFORMULAReturns the boolean value depending if the cell contains a formula
ISOWEEKNUMReturns the number of the ISO week of the year for a given date. Week number according to the European standard. Replaces WEEKNUM.
MUNITReturns the unit matrix or the specified dimension
NUMBERVALUEReturns the text to number in a locale independent manner
PDURATIONReturns the number of periods required by an investment to reach a specified value
PERMUTATIONAReturns the number of permutations for a given number of objects (with repetitions) that can be selected from the
PHIReturns the valueof the density function for a standard normal distribution
RRIReturns an equivalent interest rate for the growth of an investment
SECReturns the secant of an angle
SECHReturns the hyperbolic secant of an angle
SHEETReturns the sheet number of the referenced sheet
SHEETSReturns the number of sheets in a reference
SKEW.PReturns the skewness of a distribution based on a population
UNICHARReturns the unicode character that is references by the given numeric value
UNICODEReturns the number that corresponds to the first character of the text
WEBSERVICEReturns data from a webservice
XORReturns the logical exclusive or for any number of arguments

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