FILTERXML(xml, xpath)

Returns the specific data from the xml content by using xpath.

xmlA string in xml format.
xpathA string in xpath format.

* This function is often used in conjunction with the WEBSERVICE function.
* The "xml" must be less than 255 characters.
* If "xml" is not valid, then #VALUE is returned.
* If "xml" contains a namespace that is not valid, then #VALUE is returned.
* This function was added in Excel 2013.
* For the Microsoft documentation refer to

1=FILTERXML( WEBSERVICE(" excel/xml/example.xml"), "//city/name") = "#VALUE!"
2=FILTERXML("<menu> <food><name>Pizza</name></food> </menu>", "//food/name") = Pizza
3=FILTERXML("<menu> <food><name>Pizza</name></food> </menu>", "//food[2]/name") = Pizza
4=FILTERXML("<menu> <food><name>Pizza</name></food> </menu>", "//food["&ROW()&"/name") = Pizza

1 - Take the first tag "city" and return the contents from the name node.
2 - Returns the name from the second node.

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