Returns the value True or False depending if the value is an error (not #N/A).

valueThe value that you want to test.


* The "value" can refer to a value, text string, cell reference, formula or a named range.
* This function will not identify cells that contain a #N/A as an error.
* You can use the ISERROR function to indicate if the value is an error (including #N/A).
* For the Microsoft documentation refer to

1=ISERR(#N/A) = False=30/0 = #DIV/0!
2=ISERR(#VALUE!) = True10
3=ISERR(#REF!) = True20
4=ISERR(#DIV/0!) = True30
5=ISERR(#NUM!) = True40
6=ISERR(#NAME?) = True 
7=ISERR(#NULL!) = True 
8=ISERR(B1) = True 
9=ISERR(B2:B5) = True 
10=ISERR(B1:B5) = True 
11=ISERR(50) = False 
12=ISERR("") = False 
13=ISERR("some text") = False 
14=ISERR(named_range) = True 

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