Joins several text strings into one text string.
An easy alternative for the Excel =CONCATENATE() function. The benefit of this ASAP Utilities function:
- You can specify a range to join, for example "A1:G1".
- The numberformat of the values will be used. For example if a cell has the value "12.23072" and the number format is to display only one decimal then this function uses the value "12.2".
=- You only have to specify a delimiter once.
=- By default empty cells will be ignored.

reference = A contiguous range of cells to join the values from. When reading the cell values, their number format will be used.
delimiter = Optional, a character to insert between the cell values. If omitted no delimiter is used.
skip_empty_cells = Optional, is a logical value: to skip empty cells = TRUE or omitted; to include empty cells in the result = FALSE.

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