Returns the text string returning useful information about the environment.

type_textThe text specifying what type of information you want returned:
"directory" = the path of the current directory or folder
"numfile" = the number of active worksheets in the open workbooks
"origin" = the first visible cell in upper left corner
"osversion" = the current operating system version
"recalc" = the current recalcation mode, either automatic or manual
"release" = the current release version of Microsoft Excel
"system" = the current name of the operating system
"memavail" (Removed in 2007) = the amount of memory available in bytes
"memused" (Removed in 2007) = the amount of memory currently being used in bytes
"totmem" (Removed in 2007) = the total amount of memory in bytes

* This function is Volatile and will change everytime a cell on the worksheet is calculated.
* If "type_text" = "numfile", then will return the total number of worksheets from all the workbooks that are currently open, including add-ins and hidden workbooks like Personal.xlsb.
* If "type_text" = "origin", then the cell reference of the top leftmost cell visible in the current window, based on the current scrolling position.
* If "type_text" = "system", then a Windows operating system will return "pcdocs" and a Macintosh system will return "mac".
* You can use the SHEET function to return the sheet number of the referenced sheet.
* You can use the SHEETS function to return the number of sheets in a reference.
* For the Microsoft documentation refer to

1=INFO("directory") = C:\Temp\
2=INFO("numfile") = 31
3=INFO("origin") = $A:$A$11068
4=INFO("osversion") = Windows (64-bit) NT 10.00
5=INFO("recalc") = Automatic
6=INFO("release") = 16.0
7=INFO("system") = pcdos

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