Return the next monday

You can return the next Monday using
Cell "A1" displays a date
Cell "A2" displays the next Monday
Cell "A3" displays an alternative formula
All these cells have been formatted with the custom number format "dd dddd mmmm yyyy".

1=TODAY() = 01 Sunday May 2022
2=A1+MOD(8 -WEEKDAY(A1,2),7) = 02 Monday May 2022
3=A1+IF(2<WEEKDAY(A1),7-WEEKDAY(A1)+2,2 -WEEKDAY(A1)) = 02 Monday May 2022

Built-in Functions

IF - The value based on whether a certain condition is True or False.
MOD - The remainder after division.
TODAY - The serial number representing today's date.
WEEKDAY - The day of the week for a given date.

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