Sum the n largest numbers

This formula will sum the largest 3 numbers
SUM( LARGE( B2:D5, {1,2,3} ) )

This formula will sum the largest 4 numbers
{=SUM(LARGE(cellrange, {1,2,3,4}))}

When you use this formula the values will not be adjusted when you insert rows or move the array formula

{=SUM(LARGE(CellRange, ROW(INDIRECT(Row(CellRange) & ":" & Rows(CellRange)))))}

Built-in Functions

SUM - The total value of the numbers in a list, table or cell range.
LARGE - The kth largest value in a list or array of numbers.
SUMPRODUCT - The sum of the product of one or more arrays of values.
ROW - The row number of a cell reference.
INDIRECT - The text string of the contents of a given cell reference.

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