AMORLINC(cost, date_purchased, first_period, salvage, period, rate [,basis])

Returns the depreciation of an asset in a single period (straight-line).

costThe cost of the asset.
date_purchasedThe date the asset was purchased.
first_periodThe date of the end of the first period.
salvageThe salvage value at the end of the life of the asset.
periodThe period to calculate the depreciation.
rateThe rate of depreciation.
basis(Optional) The type of day counting to use:
0 = US 30/360 (default)
1 = Actual/Actual
2 = Actual/360
3 = Actual/365
4 = European 30/365


* This function is used with the French accounting system.
* The value of an asset at the end of the depreciation is also known as the salvage value.
* Dates must be entered as text strings within quotation marks or as serial numbers.
* If "cost" < "salvage", then #NUM! is returned.
* If "basis" is left blank, then 0 is used.
* If "basis" is not an integer, it is truncated.
* If "basis" < 0, then #NUM! is returned.
* If "basis" > 4, then #NUM! is returned.
* If an asset is purchased in the middle of an accounting period then the pro-rated depreciation is taken into account.
* For a working example refer to the Quant > Accounting > Depreciation page.
* In Excel 2003 this function was only available when you had the Analysis ToolPak add-in loaded.
* For the Microsoft documentation refer to

1=AMORLINC(300,"01/01/2003","31/12/2005",50,1,0.15,1) = 45
2=AMORLINC(300,"01/01/2003","31/12/2005",50,1,0.15,0) = 45
3=AMORLINC(3000,"01/01/2003","31/12/2005",50,1,0.15,4) = 450
4=AMORLINC(50000,"01/01/2003","31/12/2003",500,1,0.15,1) = 7500
5=AMORLINC(50000,"01/01/2003","31/12/2003",500,2,0.15,1) = 7500
6=AMORLINC(50000,"01/01/2003","31/12/2003",500,3,0.15,1) = 7500
7=AMORLINC(50000,"01/01/2003","31/12/2003",500,3,0.15,0) = 7500
8=AMORLINC(50000,"01/01/2003","31/12/2003",500,3,0.15) = 7500
9=AMORLINC(100,"01/01/2003","31/12/2005",500,1,0.15,1) = #NUM!

1 - What is the depreciation of an asset worth £300.

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