Returns the number of areas in a cell range or reference.

referenceThe reference to a range of cells.

* An area is a range of contiguous cells or a single cell.
* The "reference" can refer to multiple cell ranges.
* The "reference" can be a named range or several cell references.
* If you want to specify several references as a single argument, then you must include an extra sets of parentheses. (Rows 4 and 5)
* For the Microsoft documentation refer to

1=AREAS(B1) = 125
2=AREAS(B1:C1) = 1410
3=AREAS(B1:C4) = 1615
4=AREAS((B1:B4,C1:C4)) = 2820
5=AREAS((B1:C4,B1:B2,C3:C4)) = 3  
6=AREAS((B1:C2,B1)) = 2  
7=AREAS(B1:B2 B1) = 1  
8=AREAS(B1 B2 B3) = #NULL!  

1 - How many contiguous cells are in the range "B1".
2 - How many contiguous cells are in the range "B1:C1".

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