ARRAYTOTEXT(array [,format])

Returns the text representation of an array.

arrayThe cell range or array to convert to a text string.
format(Optional) The format:
0 = easy to read format, concise (default)
1 = array format with curly brackets, strict


* Added in Microsoft 365.
* If "format" = 0 then the text returned will be the same as the text rendered in a cell that has general formatting applied.
* If "format" = 1 then everything is placed inside quotes except for Booleans, Numbers and Errors.
* If you have a list of Linked Data Types this function should be used because the TEXTJOIN function will not work.
* This function was released in July 2021.
* You can use the TEXTJOIN function to return the text string that is a concatenation of several strings (with delimiter).
* You can use the VALUETOTEXT function to return text from any specified value.
* For the Microsoft documentation refer to

1=ARRAYTOTEXT(B1:B3) = Mon, Tue, WedMon
2=ARRAYTOTEXT(B1:B3,0) = Mon, Tue, WedTue
3=ARRAYTOTEXT(B1:B3,1) = {"Mon";"Tue";"Wed"}Wed
4=ARRAYTOTEXT(B1:B5,0) = Mon, Tue, Wed, ,  
5=ARRAYTOTEXT(B1:B5,1) = {"Mon";"Tue";"Wed";;} 
6=ARRAYTOTEXT("some text") = some text 

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