VALUETOTEXT(value [,format])

Returns the text from any specified value.

valueThe value to convert to text.
format(Optional) The format:
0 = easy to read format, concise (default)
1 = array format with curly brackets, strict.

* Added in Microsoft 365.
* Any text values are unchanged and any non-text values are converted to text.
* Numerical values are aligned on the right by default.
* Text values are aligned on the left by default.
* If "format" is anything other than 0 or 1, then #VALUE! is returned.
* You can use Text to Columns to convert values to text.
* You can use the ARRAYTOTEXT function to return the contents of an array or cell range converted into text.
* You can use the CONCAT function to return a value as text.
* You can use the ISTEXT function to return True or False depending if the value is text.
* You can use the TEXT function to return a number as a formatted text string.
* This function was released in July 2021.
* For the Microsoft documentation refer to

1=VALUETOTEXT(100,1) = 10010
2=VALUETOTEXT(-100,1) = -10020
5=VALUETOTEXT("some text") = some text 
6=VALUETOTEXT("20 some text") = 20 some text 
7=SUM(B1:B2) = 30 
8=SUM(VALUETOTEXT(B1),20) = 30 
9=VALUETOTEXT({10,20,30},0) = { 10,20,30} 
10=VALUETOTEXT({10,20,30},1) = { 10,20,30} 

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