Returns the number that a text string represents (renamed).

textThe text string you want converted to a number.

* NUMBERVALUE was added in Excel 2013 to replace this function.
* The "text" must be enclosed in speech marks.
* If "text" is not enclosed in speech marks, then #VALUE! is returned.
* Text can be a number constant, date, or time format.
* If text is not in one of these formats, then #VALUE! is returned.
* The text enclosed in quotation marks or a reference to a cell containing the text you want to convert.
* You do not generally need to use this function because Microsoft Excel automatically converts text to numbers as necessary.
* This function was originally provided to allow backwards compatibility with other spreadsheet programs.
* For the Microsoft documentation refer to
* For the Google documentation refer to

1=VALUE("1, 000") = 1000
2=VALUE("23") = 23
3=VALUE("16:48:00")-VALUE("12:00:00") = 12:02:00 AM

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