CALL(register_id, argument [,argument2])

CALL(module_text, procedure, type_text, argument1 [,argument2])

Returns the results from a procedure in a DLL (dynamic linked library) or code resource.

register_idThe value returned from a REGISTER or REGISTER.ID function.
argument1The first argument to be passed to the procedure.
argument2(Optional) The second argument to be passed to the procedure.
module_textThe name of the DLL that contains the procedure (for Windows).
procedureThe name of the procedure in the DLL (for Windows).
type_textThe text string specifying the data type of the return value.

* This function does not appear in the 'Insert Function' dialog box.
* This function cannot be used in Excel Online.
* Lets you call a dll function directly from a cell on an XLM sheet.
* Allows you to point to a function defined in a dll and then call that from a worksheet cell.
* To use this function you need to wrap an XLM and expose it as an XLM worksheet function.
* Or you can use VBA to wrap the call. This function is case sensitive.
* You can also use the ordinal value of the function from the EXPORTS statement in the module-definition file (.DEF) although this must not be in text format.
* You can also use the resource ID number although this must not be in text format.
* The "type_text" also lists the data types of all arguments to the DLL or code resource.
* The first letter of type_text specifies the return value.
* The "type_text" argument is not needed for stand-alone DLLs or code resources (XLLs).
* You can have a maximum of ?? Arguments.
* This Excel function cannot be called from VBA and there is no VBA equivalent.
* If you are using a Macintosh then the function syntax is slightly different.
* You can use the REGISTER function to ??
* You can use the REGISTER.ID function to ??
* For the Microsoft documentation refer to


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