CONFIDENCE.T(alpha, standard_dev, size)

Returns the confidence interval for a population mean using a t distribution.

alphaThe significance level.
standard_devThe standard deviation for the population.
sizeThe size of the sample.

* The confidence level is 100*(1-alpha)%
* An alpa of 0.05 indicates 95% confidence leve.
* If "size" = 1, then #DIV! is returned.
* If "size is not an integer, it is truncated.
* If "standard_dev" <=0, then #NUM! is returned.
* If "alpha" <=0, then #NUM! is returned.
* If "alpha >=1, then #NUM! is returned.
* This function was added in Excel 2010
* For the Microsoft documentation refer to
* For the Google documentation refer to


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