EOMONTH(start_date, months)

Returns the serial number of the last day of a month before or after a date.

start_dateThe start date.
monthsThe number of months before or after the "start_date".

* This function can be used to calculate maturity dates or due dates that fall on the same day on the month as the date of issue.
* If "start_date" is not a valid date, then #NUM! is returned.
* If "start_date" plus "months" yields an invalid date, then #NUM! is returned.
* If "months" is not an integer, it is truncated.
* If "months" > 0, then a date in the future is returned.
* If "months" > 12, then additional years are added on.
* If "months" < 0, then a date in the past is returned.
* If "months" = 0, then the end of the "start_date" month is returned.
* If "months" is left blank, then #N/A is returned.
* If no arguments are submitted, then #NA! is returned
* You can use the DATE function to return the date serial number given a year, month, day.
* You can use the DATEVALUE function to return the date serial number for a date in text format.
* You can use the MONTH function to return the month as an integer given a date serial number.
* You can use the TEXT function to return a number with a particular format.
* For the Microsoft documentation refer to support.microsoft.com

1=EOMONTH("01/07/1977",0) = 28337
2=EOMONTH("01/07/1977",0) = 31/07/1977
3=EOMONTH("01/07/1977",1) = 31/08/1977
4=EOMONTH("01/07/1977",2) = 30/09/1977
5=EOMONTH("01/07/1977",-6) = 31/01/1977
6=EOMONTH("01/01/1998",-1) = 31/12/1997
7=EOMONTH("2000/01/30",3) = 30/04/2000
8=EOMONTH("01/01/2020",24) = 31/01/2022
9=EOMONTH("01/01/2020",-24) = 31/01/2018
10=EOMONTH(DATEVALUE("01/12/1998"),2) = 28/02/1999
11=TEXT(EOMONTH("2000/01/30",3),"ddd-mm yyyy") = Sun-04 2000
12=EOMONTH("2000/20/20",3) = #VALUE!

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