MODE.MULT(number1 [,number2] [..])

Returns the array of most frequent or repetitive values.

number1The first number you want to include.
number2(Optional) The second number you want to include.

* This function was added in Excel 2010.
* Always returns an array and must be entered as an array formula using (Ctrl + Shift + Enter)
* If not entered as an array formula this function is the same as MODE.SNGL
* If there are no duplicates, then #N/A is returned.
* For horizontal arrays, use TRANSPOSE(MODE.MULT())
* This will return more than one result if there are multiple modes.
* Ant test, logical values or empty cells are ignored.
* You can have a maximum of 254 numbers.
* For the Microsoft documentation refer to
* For the Google documentation refer to


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