TOROW(array [,ignore] [,scan_by_column])

Returns the row vector containing all the items in an array.

arrayThe array or reference to return as a column.
ignore(Optional) The number indicating which values to ignore:
0 = Keep all values (default)
1 = Ignore blanks
2 = Ignore errors
3 = Ignore blanks and errors
scan_by_column(Optional) A logical value indicating how the array will be scanned:
True = Scanned by Column
False = Scanned by Row (default)

* Added in Microsoft 365 and is only available to Office Insiders at the moment.
* If "ignore" is left blank, then no values are ignored.
* If "scan_by_column" is left blank, then False is used.
* You can use the TOCOL function to
* This function was released in March 2022.
* For the Microsoft documentation refer to


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