WRAPCOLS(vector, wrap_count [,pad_with])

Returns the column vector converted into a 2-dimensional array by column.

vectorThe vector or reference to wrap.
wrap_countThe maximum number of values for each column.
pad_array(Optional) The value with which to pad.

* Added in Microsoft 365 and is only available to Office Insiders at the moment.
* The elements of the vector are placed into a 2-dimensional array by column. Each column has wrap_count elements.
* The column is padded with pad_with if there are insufficient elements to fill it.
* If wrap_count is greater or equal to the number of elements in vector, then the vector is simply returned as the result of the function.
* If "pad_array" is left blank, then #N/A is used.
* You can use the WRAPROWS function to
* This function was released in March 2022.
* For the Microsoft documentation refer to support.microsoft.com


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