Specifies country/region and international settings.

xl24HourClock24-hour time or 12 hour time (33)
xl4DigitYearsFour digit year or 2-digit year (43)
xlAlternateArraySeparatorAlternate array item separator to be used if the current array separator is the same as the decimal separator (16)
xlColumnSeparatorCharacter used to separate columns in array literals (14)
xlCountryCodeCountry/Region version of Microsoft Excel (1)
xlCountrySettingCurrent country/region setting in the Windows Control Panel (2)
xlCurrencyBeforeDoes the currency symbol precede the currency value (37)
xlCurrencyCodeCurrency symbol (25)
xlCurrencyDigitsNumber of decimal digits to be used in currency formats (27)
xlCurrencyLeadingZerosAre leading zeros displayed for zero currency values (40)
xlCurrencyMinusSignIs a minus sign used for negative values (38)
xlCurrencyNegativeCurrency format for negative values (28)
xlCurrencySpaceBeforeIs a space added before the currency symbol (36)
xlCurrencyTrailingZerosAre trailing zeros displayed for zero currency values (39)
xlDateOrderOrder of date elements (32)
xlDateSeparatorDate separator (17)
xlDayCodeDay symbol (21)
xlDayLeadingZeroAre leading zeros displayed for days (42)
xlDecimalSeparatorDecimal separator (3)
xlGeneralFormatNameName of the General number format (26)
xlHourCodeHour symbol (22)
xlLeftBraceCharacter used instead of the left brace ({) in array literals (12)
xlLeftBracketCharacter used instead of the left bracket ([) in R1C1-style relative references (10)
xlListSeparatorList separator (5)
xlLowerCaseColumnLetterLowercase column letter (9)
xlLowerCaseRowLetterLowercase row letter (8)
xlMDYIs the date order month-day-year for dates displayed in the long form (44)
xlMetricAre you using the metric system or the imperial system (35)
xlMinuteCodeMinute symbol (23)
xlMonthCodeMonth symbol (20)
xlMonthLeadingZeroAre leading zeros displayed for months when they are displayed as numbers (41)
xlMonthNameCharsAlways returns three characters for backwards compatibility
Abbreviated month names are read from Microsoft Windows and can be any length (30)
xlNoncurrencyDigitsNumber of decimal digits to be used in noncurrency format (29)
xlNonEnglishFunctionsAre you displaying functions in English (34)
xlRightBraceCharacter used instead of the right brace (}) in array literals (13)
xlRightBracketCharacter used instead of the right bracket ([) in R1C1 style references (11)
xlRowSeparatorCharacter used to separate rows in array literals (15)
xlSecondCodeSecond symbol (24)
xlThousandsSeparatorZero or thousands separator (4)
xlTimeLeadingZeroAre leading zeros displayed in times (45)
xlTimeSeparatorTime separator (18)
xlUpperCaseColumnLetterUppercase column letter (7)
xlUpperCaseRowLetterUppercase row letter (6)
xlWeekdayNameCharsAlways returns three characters for backward compatibility
Abbreviated weekday names are read from Microsoft Windows and can be any length (31)
xlYearCodeYear symbol in number format (19)

* This is used in conjunction with the Application.International property.

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