Returns the value True or False depending if the identifier represents an object (Boolean).

identifierThe variable name.

* If the variable has been set to Nothing, then True is returned.
* You should always use error handling to be sure that an object reference is valid.
* This function can be useful to determine if a variant is of the vbObject vartype.
* For the Microsoft documentation refer to

Dim MyInt As Integer                ' Declare variables.  
Dim YourObject, MyCheck ' Note: default variable type is Variant
Dim MyObject As Object
Set YourObject = MyObject ' Assign an object reference.

Debug.Print IsObject(YourObject) ' True
Debug.Print IsObject(MyInt) ' False
Debug.Print IsObject(Nothing) ' True
Debug.Print IsObject(Empty) ' False
Debug.Print IsObject(Null) ' False

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