List All Commands


This code shows you the list in Excel

Public Sub BET_ListControls 
Dim control As CommandBarControls
Dim icount1 As Integer
Dim icount2 As Integer
Dim icount3 As Integer

For icount1 = 1 To CommandBars.count
   With CommandBars.Item(icount1)
   For icount2 = 1 To .Controls.count
   On Error Resume Next
      For icount3 = 1 To .Controls(icount2).Controls.count
         ActiveCell.Value = .Name
         ActiveCell.Offset(0, 1).Range("A1").Select
         ActiveCell.Value = .Controls(icount2).Caption
         ActiveCell.Offset(0, 1).Range("A1").Select

         ActiveCell.Value = .Controls(icount2).ID
         ActiveCell.Offset(0, 1).Range("A1").Select
         On Error Resume Next
         ActiveCell.Value = .Controls(icount2).Controls(icount3).Caption
         ActiveCell.Offset(0, 1).Range("A1").Select
         ActiveCell.Value = .Controls(icount2).Controls(icount3).ID

         ActiveCell.Offset(1, -4).Range("A1").Select
      Next icount3
   Next icount2
   End With
Next icount1
End Sub


Public Sub BET_ListCommands() 
   Dim control As CommandBarControls
   Dim icount1 As Integer
   Dim icount2 As Integer
   Dim icount3 As Integer

   For icount1 = 1 To CommandBars.Count
      With CommandBars.Item(icount1)
      For icount2 = 1 To .Controls.Count
      On Error Resume Next
         For icount3 = 1 To .Controls(icount2).Controls.Count
            If InStr(.Controls(icount2).Caption, "&File") > 0 Then
               Debug.Print .Name
               Debug.Print .Controls(icount2).Caption
               Debug.Print .Controls(icount2).ID
               On Error Resume Next
               Debug.Print .Controls(icount2).Controls(icount3).Caption
               Debug.Print .Controls(icount2).Controls(icount3).ID
               Debug.Print "----"
            End If
         Next icount3
      Next icount2
      End With
   Next icount1
End Sub


Public Sub BET_ListCommands() 
Dim control As CommandBarControls
Dim icount1 As Integer
Dim icount2 As Integer

   With CommandBars("Shapes")
      Debug.Print .Name

      For icount1 = 1 To .Controls.Count
      On Error Resume Next
         For icount2 = 1 To .Controls(icount1).Controls.Count

            Debug.Print .Controls(icount1).Caption
            Debug.Print .Controls(icount1).Id
            On Error Resume Next
            Debug.Print .Controls(icount1).Controls(icount2).Caption
            Debug.Print .Controls(icount1).Controls(icount2).Id
         Next icount2
      Next icount1
   End With
End Sub


Creates a new document and then inserts a table of Word commands along with their associated shortcut keys and menu assignments.

Application.ListCommands ListCommands:=False 

This includes all commands not just those with customised assignments.

Application.ListCommands ListCommands:=True 
Command NameModifiersKeyMenu
About  Help
Accept All Changes in Doc  Accept
Accept All Changes Shown  Accept
All CapsCtrl+Shift+A 
App MaximizeAlt+F10 
App RestoreAlt+F5 
Apply Heading1Alt+Ctrl+1 
Apply Heading2Alt+Ctrl+2 
Apply Heading3Alt+Ctrl+3 
Apply List BulletCtrl+Shift+L 
Arrange All  Window
Auto Correct  Tools
Auto FormatAlt+Ctrl+K 
Auto Format Begin  Format
Auto Summarize Begin  Tools
Auto Text F3 
Auto TextAlt+Ctrl+V 
Background Fill Effect  Format Background
Background More Colors  Format Background
Background Watermark  Format Background
Bookshelf Lookup Reference  Tools
Break  Insert
Browse NextCtrl+Page Down 
Browse PrevCtrl+Page Up 
Browse SelAlt+Ctrl+Home 
Busu  Language
Cancel Esc 
Center ParaCtrl+E 
Change Case  Format
Change CaseShift+F3 
Changes  View
Char Left Left 
Char Left ExtendShift+Left 
Char Right Right 
Char Right ExtendShift+Right 
Checkin  File
Checkout  File
Clear DelClear
Clear Formatting  Clear
Close or ExitAlt+F4 
Close PaneAlt+Shift+C 
Column BreakCtrl+Shift+Return 
Column SelectCtrl+Shift+F8 
Copy FormatCtrl+Shift+C 
Copy TextShift+F2 
Create Auto TextAlt+F3 
Cross Reference  Reference Menu
Customize  Tools
Customize Add Menu ShortcutAlt+Ctrl+= 
Customize Keyboard ShortcutAlt+Ctrl+Num + 
Customize Remove Menu ShortcutAlt+Ctrl+- 
Date FieldAlt+Shift+D 
Date Time  Insert
Delete All Comments in Doc  Reject
Delete All Comments Shown  Reject
Delete Back WordCtrl+Backspace 
Delete Table  Toolbar 32780
Delete WordCtrl+Del 
Distribute ParaCtrl+Shift+J 
Do Field ClickAlt+Shift+F9 
Doc CloseCtrl+W 
Doc CloseCtrl+F4 
Doc MaximizeCtrl+F10 
Doc MoveCtrl+F7 
Doc RestoreCtrl+F5 
Doc SizeCtrl+F8 
Doc SplitAlt+Ctrl+SWindow
Double UnderlineCtrl+Shift+D 
Draw Snap to Grid  Draw
End of ColumnAlt+Page Down 
End of ColumnAlt+Shift+Page Down 
End of Doc ExtendCtrl+Shift+End 
End of DocumentCtrl+End 
End of Line End 
End of Line ExtendShift+End 
End of RowAlt+End 
End of RowAlt+Shift+End 
End of WindowAlt+Ctrl+Page Down 
End of Window ExtendAlt+Ctrl+Shift+Page Down 
Endnote NowAlt+Ctrl+D 
Envelope Wizard  Letters and Mailings Menu
EServices  Tools
Exit  File
Extend Selection F8 
Field  Insert
Field CharsCtrl+F9 
Field CodesAlt+F9 
Fix Broken Text  Tools
Fix Me  Help
Font Size SelectCtrl+Shift+P 
Footnote NowAlt+Ctrl+F 
Footnotes  View
Formatting Properties  Format
Formula  Table
Frameset Wizard  Frames Menu
Go BackShift+F5 
Go BackAlt+Ctrl+Z 
Go ToCtrl+GEdit
Go To F5Edit
Grow FontCtrl+Shift+. 
Grow Font One PointCtrl+] 
Hanging IndentCtrl+T 
Hanja Dictionary  Language
Header  View
Header Footer LinkAlt+Shift+R 
Headings  Table
Help F1 
HHC  Language
HTMLSource  View
Hyphenation  Language
Index and Tables  Reference Menu
Insert Column  Toolbar 32782
Insert Column Right  Toolbar 32782
Insert Row Above  Toolbar 32782
Insert Row Below  Toolbar 32782
Justify ParaCtrl+J 
Language  Language
Left ParaCtrl+L 
Letter Properties  Letters and Mailings Menu
Letters Wizard JToolbar  Letters and Mailings Menu
License Verification  Help
Line Down Down 
Line Down ExtendShift+Down 
Line Up Up 
Line Up ExtendShift+Up 
Links  Edit
List Num FieldAlt+Ctrl+L 
Lock FieldsCtrl+3 
Lock FieldsCtrl+F11 
Mail Merge CheckAlt+Shift+K 
Mail Merge Edit Data SourceAlt+Shift+E 
Mail Merge to DocAlt+Shift+N 
Mail Merge to PrinterAlt+Shift+M 
Mail Merge Toolbar  Letters and Mailings Menu
Mail Merge Wizard  Letters and Mailings Menu
Mark CitationAlt+Shift+I 
Mark Index EntryAlt+Shift+X 
Mark Table of Contents EntryAlt+Shift+O 
Menu Mode F10 
Menu Show Reviewers  Show Markup
Merge FieldAlt+Shift+F 
Merge Revisions  Tools
Microsoft Script EditorAlt+Shift+F11 
Microsoft System InfoAlt+Ctrl+F1 
Move Text F2 
New Window  Window
Next Cell Tab 
Next Field F11 
Next FieldAlt+F1 
Next MisspellingAlt+F7 
Next ObjectAlt+Down 
Next WindowCtrl+F6 
Next WindowAlt+F6 
Normal StyleCtrl+Shift+N 
Normal StyleAlt+Shift+Clear (Num 5) 
Number  Insert
Object  Insert
Office Clipboard  Edit
Office On The Web  Help
Online Meeting  Online Collaboration
Open or Close Up ParaCtrl+0 
Options  Tools
Other Pane F6 
Other PaneShift+F6 
Outline CollapseAlt+Shift+- 
Outline CollapseAlt+Shift+Num - 
Outline DemoteAlt+Shift+Right 
Outline ExpandAlt+Shift+= 
Outline ExpandAlt+Shift+Num + 
Outline Master  View
Outline Move DownAlt+Shift+Down 
Outline Move UpAlt+Shift+Up 
Outline PromoteAlt+Shift+Left 
Outline Show First LineAlt+Shift+L 
Overtype Insert 
Page BreakCtrl+Return 
Page Down Page Down 
Page Down ExtendShift+Page Down 
Page FieldAlt+Shift+P 
Page Numbers  Insert
Page Up Page Up 
Page Up ExtendShift+Page Up 
Para DownCtrl+Down 
Para Down ExtendCtrl+Shift+Down 
Para UpCtrl+Up 
Para Up ExtendCtrl+Shift+Up 
Paste As Hyperlink  Edit
Paste FormatCtrl+Shift+V 
Paste Special  Edit
Post  Send To
Postcard Wizard  Letters and Mailings Menu
Present It  Send To
Prev CellShift+Tab 
Prev FieldShift+F11 
Prev FieldAlt+Shift+F1 
Prev ObjectAlt+Up 
Prev WindowCtrl+Shift+F6 
Prev WindowAlt+Shift+F6 
Print PreviewCtrl+F2 
Print PreviewAlt+Ctrl+I 
Proofing F7 
Properties  File
Protect Unprotect Document  Tools
Record Macro Toggle  Macro
Redo or RepeatCtrl+YEdit
Redo or Repeat F4Edit
Redo or RepeatAlt+ReturnEdit
Reject All Changes in Doc  Reject
Reject All Changes Shown  Reject
Repeat FindShift+F4 
Repeat FindAlt+Ctrl+Y 
Reset CharCtrl+Space 
Reset CharCtrl+Shift+Z 
Reset ParaCtrl+Q 
Revision Marks ToggleCtrl+Shift+E 
Right ParaCtrl+R 
Routing Slip  Send To
Save As F12File
Save As Web Page  File
Schedule Meeting  Online Collaboration
Select AllCtrl+AEdit
Select AllCtrl+Clear (Num 5)Edit
Select AllCtrl+Num 5Edit
Select Cell  Toolbar 32778
Select Column  Toolbar 32778
Select Row  Toolbar 32778
Select TableAlt+Clear (Num 5)Toolbar 32778
Send For Review  Send To
Send to Fax  Send To
Send to Online Meeting Participants  Send To
Show AllCtrl+Shift+8 
Show All HeadingsAlt+Shift+A 
Show All HeadingsAlt+Shift+A 
Show Comments  Show Markup
Show Formatting  Show Markup
Show Heading1Alt+Shift+1 
Show Heading2Alt+Shift+2 
Show Heading3Alt+Shift+3 
Show Heading4Alt+Shift+4 
Show Heading5Alt+Shift+5 
Show Heading6Alt+Shift+6 
Show Heading7Alt+Shift+7 
Show Heading8Alt+Shift+8 
Show Heading9Alt+Shift+9 
Show Hide  Help
Show Insertions and Deletions  Show Markup
Shrink FontCtrl+Shift+, 
Shrink Font One PointCtrl+[ 
Shrink SelectionShift+F8 
Sign Out of Passport  File
Small CapsCtrl+Shift+K 
Sort  Table
Sound  Comments
Space Para1Ctrl+1 
Space Para15Ctrl+5 
Space Para2Ctrl+2 
Speech  Tools
Split  Table
Start of ColumnAlt+Page Up 
Start of ColumnAlt+Shift+Page Up 
Start of Doc ExtendCtrl+Shift+Home 
Start of DocumentCtrl+Home 
Start of Line Home 
Start of Line ExtendShift+Home 
Start of RowAlt+Home 
Start of RowAlt+Shift+Home 
Start of WindowAlt+Ctrl+Page Up 
Start of Window ExtendAlt+Ctrl+Shift+Page Up 
Style SeparatorAlt+Ctrl+Return 
Symbol  Insert
Symbol FontCtrl+Shift+Q 
Tabs  Format
Templates  Tools
Theme  Format
Time FieldAlt+Shift+T 
Toggle Character CodeAlt+X 
Toggle Field DisplayShift+F9 
Toggle Master SubdocsCtrl+\ 
Toolbars  View
Translate PaneAlt+Shift+F7Language
Un HangCtrl+Shift+T 
Un IndentCtrl+Shift+M 
Unlink FieldsCtrl+6 
Unlink FieldsCtrl+Shift+F9 
Unlock FieldsCtrl+4 
Unlock FieldsCtrl+Shift+F11 
Update Auto FormatAlt+Ctrl+U 
Update Fields F9 
Update FieldsAlt+Shift+U 
Update SourceCtrl+Shift+F7 
Versions  File
Web  View
Web Component  Insert
Web Go BackAlt+Left 
Web Go ForwardAlt+Right 
Web Page Preview  File
Wizard  Table
Word Count  Tools
Word Count ListCtrl+Shift+G 
Word Count RecountCtrl+Shift+R 
Word LeftCtrl+Left 
Word Left ExtendCtrl+Shift+Left 
Word Perfect Help  Help
Word RightCtrl+Right 
Word Right ExtendCtrl+Shift+Right 
Word UnderlineCtrl+Shift+W 

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