List All Shortcut Menus


ActiveX Control YYY 
Add Command YYY 
Annotation Pens Y   
Auto Sum YY  
AutoCalculate YYY 
AutoFillDisplayed when you drag the corner of a cell range while holding down the right mouse button. Might also be used by the AutoFill smart tag.YYY 
Borders YY  
Button YYY 
Canvas Popup YY  
Cell - ContextMenuCell YYY 
Cellpage break previewYYY 
ChartDisplayed when you click on a chart object.YYY 
ColumnDisplayed when you click on a column heading.YYY 
Columnpage break preview    
Connector YYY 
Curve YYY 
Curve Node YYY 
Curve Segment YYY 
Desktop YYY 
Diagram YY  
Dialog YYY 
DocumentDisplayed when you click on the Excel icon in the top left corner of a workbook.YYY 
Drawing and Writing Pens Y   
EuroValue YY  
Excel Control YYY 
Find Format YY  
Floor and WallsDisplayed when you click on either the floor or the wall of a 3D chart.YYY 
Format Axis YYY 
Format Data Series YYY 
Format Legend Entry YYY 
Formula Bar YYY 
Inactive Chart YYY 
Ink Annotations Y   
Ink Drawing and Writing Y   
Layout YYY 
List Range Layout Popup Y   
List Range Popup Y   
Nondefault Drag and DropDisplayed when you drag the edge of a cell range to a new location while holding down the right mouse button.YYY 
Object/Plot YYY 
OLE Object YYY 
Organization Chart Popup YY  
Paste Special Dropdown YY  
Phonetic Information YYY 
Pictures Context Menu YYY 
Pivot Chart Popup YYY 
PivotTable Context Menu YYY 
Plot AreaDisplayed when you click on the plot area of a chart.YYY 
PlyDisplayed when you click on a worksheet tab at the bottom of a workbook.YYY 
Query Y Y 
Query and Pivot  Y  
Query Layout YYY 
Refresh YY  
Replace Format YY  
Rotate Mode YYY 
RowDisplayed when you click on a Row heading. There are actually 2 Row shortcut menus.YYY 
Rowpage break previewYYY 
Script Anchor Popup YYY 
Select YY  
SeriesDisplayed when you click on an individual series on a chart.YYY 
Shapes YYY 
System  YY 
Title Bar (Charting) YYY 
TrendlineDisplayed when you click on a trend line which has been added to a chart.YYY 
WordArt Context Menu YYY 
Workbook tabs YY  
XML Range Popup Y   

Note: *These are identical in Word and PowerPoint


ActiveX Control     
Address Block Popup     
AutoSignature Popup     
Background Proofing Status Bar     
Canvas Popup     
Chinese Translator     
Curve Node     
Curve Segment     
Display Fields     
Document Map     
Drop Caps     
Field AutoText     
Field Display List Numbers     
Floating Picture     
Font Paragraph     
Font Popup     
Form Fields     
Format Consistency     
Format Inspector Popup in Compare Mode     
Format Inspector Popup in Normal Mode     
Frame Properties     
Grammar (2)     
Greeting Line Popup     
Horizontal Line Popup     
Hyperlink Content Menu     
Inline ActiveX Control     
Inline Canvas     
Inline Picture     
Linked Headings     
Linked Table     
OLE Object     
Organisation Chart Popup     
Rotate Mode     
Script Anchor Popup     
Table Cells     
Table Headings     
Table Lists     
Table Pictures     
Table Text     
Track Changes     
Track Changes     
Whole Table     
WordArt Context Menu     

Note: *These are identical in Excel and PowerPoint


ActiveX Control Y   
Canvas Popup Y   
Comment Popup     
Connector Y   
Curve Y   
Curve Node     
Curve Point Y   
Curve Segment Y   
FramesDisplayed when you click on any part of a slide in Normal viewYY  
Hyperlinked Object     
Nondefault Drag and Drop     
Notes PaneDisplayed when you click on the Notes tab at the bottom.Y   
Notes View Slide     
OLE Object Y   
Organization Chart Popup     
OrgChart Text Edit PopUp     
Outline Y   
OutlinerDisplayed when you click anywhere on the Outline tab in the Thumbnails paneYY  
Picture Y   
Pictures Context Menu     
Revision Marker Popup     
Rotate Mode Y   
Script Anchor Popup     
ShapesDisplayed when you click on a shape or inside a shape, assuming there is no spelling mistake.YY  
Slide Background Y   
Slide GapDisplayed when the cursor is in between slides, either on the "Slides" tab in the Thumbnail pane or in Slide Sorter view.    
Slide Miniature YY  
Slide Object in Notes Pages YY  
Slide Object in Slide Sorter YY  
Slide Show YY  
Slide Show Browse YY  
Slide Show Browsing Mode YY  
Slide Show Hyperlink YY  
Slide Show Short Popup YY  
Slider SorterDisplayed when you click on the Slide tab on the left hand side.    
SpellingDisplayed when you click inside a shape on some text that is spelt incorrectly.YY  
SystemCannot be customised !!Y   
Table CellsDisplayed when a single or range of cells is selectedYY  
TablesDisplayed when a table shape object is selectedYY  
ThumbnailsDisplayed when you click on any part of a slide when you are on the Slide tab of the Thumbnails pane.    
WordArt Y   
WordArt Content Menu     

Note: *These are identical in Excel and Word

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