Content Control Toolkit

The tool can be downloaded from CodePlex
This standalone tool was created by Microsoft to allow you to easily manage and link your content controls
The tool allows you to edit/add/remove xml parts
The tool allows you to manipulate content control properties

This tool was designed to make mapping custom xml parts to content controls easier
Works with the following file types: docx, docm, dotx, dotm

Content controls displayed on the left
custom xml parts displayed on the right

Changes are not persisted until you press Save
Handy group by Type combo box option
Locate the content controls in the actual word document

The xml content can be edited in raw text form by switching to the edit view tab

If a custom xml part doesn't have a namespace it can still be accessed by the name ("No Namespace)(N) where N represents the position amongst the other no-name xml parts

To map the elements to content control drag the xml element to the content control

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