Adding Help Messages

It is very easy to add built-in help to your forms.
You can use the help facility to elaborate on the options available, the information you want to collect or how to use th form itself.

This allows you to provide more detailed explainations than your form itself can display.
All of your forms should include help messages to help the users complete the form successfully.
Double click the form field to display the Form Field Options dialog box.
Click the Add Help text button
Display the Form Field Help text dialog box

You can display help text in the status bar and/or with an additional dialog box when the user presses F1.
You can include both types of help for a field if you want to.
You could provide abbreviated help in the status bar and then more detailed help in the Help message box

Status Bar

When you click inside a form field that has a help message attached to it it will appear in the status bar.

None - No message will be displayed
AutoText entry - Displays the text from an autotext entry. No graphics can obviously be used.
Type your own - Displays the message typed into the box.

Specify the type of ??. Press F1 for more information.

Help Key (F1)

If you click inside a form field and press F1 an additional message box will be displayed.


Try and include some instructions on the form itself telling people how to get additional help. Maybe include the text "For help on any particular fields, move the mouse to that field and press F1".

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