This is one of the most significant additions to Word 2007.
This group is consistent across Excel and PowerPoint as well and provide you with all the necessary related commands.
A theme consists of 12 colors, a heading font, a body font and an effect.
Office 2010 comes with 21 built-in colour palettes, 23 built-in font styles and 20 built-in effects. This gives you a choice of over 9,000 different options plus you can create your own as well. Themese can also be saved to external files meaning they can be easily shared, modified and distributed.

Defines the primary and seconday fonts used in a document, the color palette and the effects used for shapes, charts and diagrams
By basing all your documents on the same theme, you can ensure a more consistent look and feel making it significanly easier when updating and reusing documents and content
Integrated across all the office applications to provide consistent branding

Change the appearance of text, tables and graphics throughout the document to mathc a particular style or colour scheme.

A theme is a set of styles that you can copy into a document, immediately giving it a different appearance. They are normally used for Web and Intranet pages although can be used for printed pages. Themes do not include autotext entries, macros, etc. Just the following visual elements:
Background colours and/or graphics
Heading styles and Body text
Table borders and hyperlink formatting
Custom bullets and horizontal lines
To apply a theme choose (Format > Theme). You can easily view your document in a different theme by using (Format > Theme, Style gallery.
The style gallery does not attach a different template to your document. It copies styles from that template into your document. Any existing formatting settings will be overwritten.

Themes are especially suited when you are creating web pages.
These contain formatting that visually communicates a wide variety of moods and messages from the informal to the corporate.

When you choose a theme Word changes the styles in your document to reflect the formatting in the theme.
If you want to it can also add backgrounds, horizontal lines and special graphic bullets.

Themed documents are by definition HTML documents.
If you select a theme for a Word document Word will automatically convert it to HTML.

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