WordArt - Design Tab

Removed in 2010


Edit Text - Edit the text in the WordArt.
Spacing - Drop-Down. Change the spacing between the letters of the text. The drop-down contains the commands: Very Tight, Tight, Normal, Loose, Very Loose, Kern Character Pairs.
Even Height - Make all the letters exactly the same height, both uppercase and lowercase.
WordArt Vertical Text - Draw the text vertically with the letters stacked on top of each other.
Align Text - Drop-Down. Specify how individual lines of the multi-line WordArt should be aligned. The drop-down contains the commands: Left Align, Center, Right Align, Word Justify, Letter Justify, Stretch Justify.

WordArt Styles

WordArt Styles - Contains 30 styles.
Shape Fill - Button with Drop-Down. Full the selected shape with a solid color, gradient, picture or texture.
Shape Outline - Button with Drop-Down. Specify the color width and line style for the outline of the selected shape.
Change Shape - Drop-Down. Change the overall shape of the WordArt.

Shadow Effects

Shadow Effects - Drop-Down. Add a shadow effect to the shape.
Nudge Shadow Left -
Nudge Shadow Up -
Shadow On/Off -
Nudge Shadow Down -
Nudge Shadow Right -

3D Effects

3D Effects -
Title Left
Tilt Up -
3D On/Off -
Tilt Down -
Tilt Right -


This is the same in Excel ?

Position -
Bring to Front
Send to Back -
Align -
Group -
Rotate -


This is the same in Excel ?

Shape Height -
Shape Width -

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