Mail Merge Task Pane

Select Document Type

Lets you select the type of document that you want to create.

alt text

Letters - Send letters to a group of people. You can personalise the letter that each person receives.
E-mail messages - Send e-mail messages to a group of people. You can personalise the email message that each person recieves.
Envelopes - Print addressed envelopes for a group mailing.
Labels - Print address lables for a group mailing.
Directory - Create a single document containing a catalog or printed list of addresses.

Starting Document

Choose the document you want to start with.
You can either select an existing file or create the file you want to use as a merge document.

alt text

Use the current document - Start from the document shown here and use the Mail Merge wizard to add recipient information.
Start from a template - Start from a ready-to-use mail merge template that can be customised to suit your needs.
Start from existing document - Start from an existing mail merge document and make changes to the content or recipients.

Selecting Recipients

You choose the data listing

alt text

Use an existing list - Use names and addresses from a file or a database.
Select from Outlook contacts - Select names and addresses from an Outlook contacts folder.
Type a new list - Type the names and addresses of recipients.

Write Your Document

Write the actual document and add all the necessary merge fields.

alt text

Address block -
Greeting line -
Electronic postage -
More items -

Preview Your Document

Preview the merge operation and make and last minute changes.

alt text

Complete The Merge

Merge the document and the data source.

alt text

Print -
Edit individual letters -

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