Creating Data Sources


Creates a Microsoft Word document that uses a table to store data for a mail merge.
The new data source is attached to the specified document, which becomes a main document if it's not one already.
This example creates a new data source document named "Data.doc" and attaches the data source to the active document.
The new data source includes a five-column table that has the field names specified by the HeaderRecord argument.

ActiveDocument.MailMerge.CreateDataSource(Name:="C:\Documents\Data.doc", _ 
                                          HeaderRecord:="Name, Address, City, State, Zip"

Name - Optional Variant. The path and file name for the new data source.
PasswordDocument - Optional Variant. The password required to open the new data source.
WritePasswordDocument - Optional Variant. The password required to save changes to the data source.
HeaderRecord - Optional Variant. Field names for the header record. If this argument is omitted, the standard header record is used: "Title, FirstName, LastName, JobTitle, Company, Address1, Address2, City, State, PostalCode, Country, HomePhone, WorkPhone." To separate field names, use the list separator specified in Regional Settings in Control Panel.
MSQuery - Optional Variant. True to launch Microsoft Query, if it's installed. The Name, PasswordDocument, and HeaderRecord arguments are ignored.
SQLStatement - Optional Variant. Defines query options for retrieving data.
SQLStatement1 - Optional Variant. If the query string is longer than 255 characters, SQLStatement specifies the first portion of the string, and SQLStatement1 specifies the second portion.
Connection - Optional Variant. A range within which the query specified by SQLStatement will be performed. How you specify the range depends on how data is retrieved. When retrieving data through ODBC, you specify a connection string. When retrieving data from Microsoft Excel using DDE, you specify a named range. When retrieving data from Microsoft Access, you specify the word "Table" or "Query" followed by the name of a table or query.
LinkToSource - Optional Variant. True to perform the query specified by Connection and SQLStatement each time the main document is opened.

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