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Inserts a section break and breaks the page so that the next section starts at the top of the next page.
This starts the new section at the top of the next page. Both onscreen and when you print. A new page is started at the section break.
Use these most of the time. This is ideal in the situation of the manual on electricity. You might have a cover page and a Table of Contents in the first section; the Theory, Components, and Wave Forms will each have their own sections; and you might have an appendix or index, with their own sections. So you can see how easily a document could end up with seven or eight sections.
A next-page section break simply combines a section break with a page break, without having to insert them separately.
Use a next-page section break to insert landscaped pages in your document. For instance, to insert one landscaped page, insert a next-page section break at the end of the previous page. Immediately insert another one. Turn your show/hide button on, and with your cursor in front or above the second section break, hit File-Page setup.
Go to the layout tab. At the bottom-right of the dialog, choose *this section only* and change the page layout from portrait to landscape. While your cursor remains between these two section breaks, you can create as many pages as you like to be landscaped by hitting Ctrl-Enter, or just continuing to create your document.

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